Matang Bato is a small village which kept many dark mysteries in its past and they are starting to haunt them once again. Our unlikely hero, Tikboy was a frail teenager seeking to make his grandfather proud by joining in his Moro-Moro stage play. But little did he know there was more to his life than just being a stage actor. Suddenly monsters were appearing left and right, revived and controlled by their leader, Conde Regalado, they struck terror to the village. Acquiring the aid of old hermit, Tinyente Kulog, he learned about his past and how it will help save the villagers. Transformed into Kumander Bawang, armed with garlic bombs and superhuman strength, he ventured forth to end the battle that his father has started twenty years ago.

CAST: Herbert Bautista, Mat Ranillo III, Matet De Leon, Mia Pratts, Timmy Cruz, Jigo Garcia, Melisa Perez Rubio, Jay-Jay Salvador, Vina Morales, Joko Diaz, Ronald Jayme, Berting Labra

DIRECTOR: Ramon Jesus Capinpin (as Ramje)
WRITER: Jojo Lapus (story) (as Jojo Lapuz), Jose Javier Reyes (screenplay)
GENRES: Action, Comedy

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